Immigration Bail Service

Unfortunately, you may find that you, a relative or a friend has been detained on an immigration issue. You may find yourself in that position if you have entered the UK illegally or you have stayed beyond the period of leave authorised by an immigration official and you have failed to regularise your stay.

There are a number of things Novells Legal Practice can do to help you. However, most of the options available to you will ultimately depend on your individual circumstances. In most cases we will be entitled to make an application to a Chief Immigration Officer for Temporary Admission or what is commonly called CIO Bail (Chief Immigration Officer Bail). The success of an application for Temporary Admission or bail depends on a number of factors which are not easy to generalise about because each person’s situation is likely to be different.

We have a fantastic track record of getting our detained clients bail. Usually, when a client is detained , we take initial instructions from a friend or family member, in order to establish the facts. We then immediately contact the client – they are usually allowed to keep their mobile phones with them in detention. After faxing the client a letter of authority form , which the client signs and returns, we are then recorded with the UKBA as the legal representatives on record.

 e can then contact the Chief Immigration Officer or the officer in charge of the case and start negotiating for our client’s release. In other circumstances, clients can make formal representations to the Chief Immigration Officer by writing.

 If the UKBA really do not wish to grant the client immigration bail, then we can make an immigration bail application.

 If you want to make an application for bail then you will need an address where you can stay once released. In general, you may also need one (usually two) sureties, people willing ensure that if released you will comply with any conditions attached to bail. The sureties must be prepared to forfeit money if you fail to comply with the conditions of bail or absconds. If there is no-one immediately available to act as a surety, it is possible to apply for bail without sureties, though this can reduce the chances of release for some detainees. There are organisations, such as The Bail Circle or Bail for Immigration Detainees, which can sometimes assist in finding sureties for detainees

 If you have a friend or relative that has been detained over a UK Immigration matter, they may have the right to appeal for release on Bail from an Immigration detention centre. Immigration Bail cases are heard by a specialist Immigration Judge at an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. Immigration Bail applications can be submitted by anyone who has been detained for a period of 7 days in an Immigration detention centre.



The cost of our Immigration Bail application service is fixed. No hourly charges, no hidden costs. Call us now for a price.

Legal representation for your immigration detention is essential to ensure that the rules are applied correctly in each case for bail and to this end we can offer a professional service. It is important that clients are able to access legal advisors quickly to promptly address their concerns on immigration detention and bail application, ensuring that their rights are protected.

We are specialists in assessing the legality of detained persons under the UK Immigration Acts and can offer our immigration services in these matters.

We can:

  • assess the legality of immigration detention and the making of a claim for damages.
  • apply for temporary admission (release) through bail application.
  • represent at bail hearings for the immigration detention. assist with foreign prisoners facing deportation from the United Kingdom when their bail application is refused.
  • assist with foreign prisoners with a bail application to revoke deportation orders.
  • revocation of leave / nationality.