Detention/Fast Track

The UK has a difficult balance to strike between its genuine desire to be a safe haven for those who seek asylum and the need to maintain an effective immigration control.

 The Fast Track system, supported by the use of immigration detention centres such as Harmondsworth and Yarls Wood, is now the main procedure used to process applications made on arrival which can be decided in a relatively short time. Even if people make an in-country application they may still be detained and faced with a Fast Track procedure based on the assumption that their claim can be determined fairly quickly based on available evidence.

This quick procedure is used despite the fact that applying immigration law is complicated, not least because the rules change frequently and the interpretation of those rules is also subject to new rulings by the courts. Legal representation is essential to ensure that the rules are applied correctly in each case.

Our advisors are experts in identifying those cases where it is appropriate to invoke the latest Fast Track Procedure rules, which enable an applicant for asylum to be removed from the procedure. Due to the fast paced nature of these matters, it is important that clients are able to access legal advisors quickly.

 If the Home Office fails to act on compelling representations to remove an appropriate case from the Fast Track process we can help in relation to challenging the Home Office decision.

 We have an impressive track record in connection with bail applications, which can result in significantly less time being spent in detention.