Appealing a Spouse Visa Refusal

Indefinite leave to remain is the right to remain in the UK for an indefinite period of time. This is also known as permanent residence.

You need to show that you meet all of the relevant immigration requirements or can show you meet the spirit of the rules, when applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain which is a category of settlement. Previous immigration history is one of the main considerations, together with demonstrating an intention to make the UK your main home.

If you have been refused Indefinite leave to remain, your appeal could be decided on whether it meets the Immigration Rules in a number of different ways. This could include factors such as your immigration status at the time of application and how long you have lived in the UK.

We will look at all of the relevant information surrounding your case and explain how to take your case forward if you have been refused.

We will listen to you and the reasons why you think this decision was unfair. Our recommendation will be based on our experience in managing this type of appeal before. You can trust us to represent you on this matter.

Each case is different; we need to look at all of the merits of your case including Human Rights issues and agree on the best way forward. We can manage this important matter for you in a sensitive and determined way. We want to win your case.

Please expect us to do the following for you, when you instruct us to represent you or a member of your family:

  • Full and professional assessment of your case
  • Advice on whether you should appeal or it would be better to lodge a fresh application
  • Strong and weak points of your appeal
  • Advice on correct list of documents
  • Advice on evidence required
  • Lodging your Grounds of Appeal to the First and Upper Tier Tribunals, Asylum and Immigration Chambers (FTT IAC, UTT IAC)
  • Instructing your sponsor, relative, employer
  • Summarising your evidence
  • Drafting skeleton argument – the core of your appeal
  • Creating a professionally looking paginated appeal bundle
  • Drafting representations and cover letters to the Home Office/British Diplomatic Post
  • Working with interpreters (if required)
  • Submission your appeal bundle to tFirst and Upper Tier Tribunals, Asylum and Immigration Chambers (FTT IAC, UTT IAC) and the Home Office Presenting Officer (HOPO)
  • Correspondence with the Home Office/British Diplomatic Post/AIT/FTT IAC, UTT IAC etc
  • Keeping you updated by post, E-mail or phone on the progress of your appeal at every stage
  • Personal attendance by our specialist advocate of the appeal hearing (if instructed so by the appellant or sponsor)
  • Advising you on the outcome of your appeal
  • Lodging reconsideration request (if required/instructed)
  • Advising you on other possible remedies if something goes wrong

The above options are not exhaustive as we treat every client’s case individually.

Please talk to us today on 0207 392 7672 and have your first consultation to understand your merits on the appeal.