Welcome to Novells Legal Practice. A niche firm of specialist immigration law practitioners exclusively in the areas of UK and nationality immigration law. 

Our well-established Immigration Practice provides advice and assistance on all aspects of UK immigration and nationality law, as well as EU law. The team’s knowledge of immigration procedures is based on technical understanding of specialist immigration law, complemented by strong practical experience, which collectively provide our clients with a comprehensive and strategic service, invaluable in guiding them to the best immigration solutions achievable.

We have a dedicated Immigration Practice committed to providing a consistently high service to our clients. We are committed to providing focused, cutting edge legal advice to ensure swift results.

UK immigration law is complex and frequently changing. Our knowledge and understanding of the law enables us to prepare and submit applications on behalf of our clients in the clearest possible way, taking into account legal precedents.  Using us will help make sure that client’s application meets the current laws and regulations. There are also many mistakes that individuals often make when applying on their own. We can help them understand what to do, and what not to do.The way an application or appeal is presented and prepared can often make the difference between the success and failure of a case.

Our work has changed many lives for the better. Our clients tell us that they appreciate our personal touch and the way we have handled often complex and sensitive matters. We specialise in difficult Immigration law cases, such as human rights applications, unlawful detention and deportation. The idea is for clients to find help easily and feel confident in the quality of service they get from the legal service we provide.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and accessible and being able to explain information in a clear and honest way. Our website seeks to explain who we are and how we can help you – whatever needs you may have. We will always give our client’s an honest assessment on the merits of their case and the chances of success.

We promise to make every effort to help make your case a success. However, if we are unable to help you, we will tell you straightaway.


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UK Immigration and UK Visa Services


Point Based Applications

 Family related applications

 Immigration applications

 European citizens

 Detention, removal and deportation

 Immigration Appeals


Chinese  介                


英国信达法律事务所位于伦敦市中心,是一个多元化的、提供全方位法律服务的专业法律公司。 本事务所是英国OISC(英国移民事务署)及内政部特许的专业移民机构, 在英国内政部享有特许申请权。




·         Tier 1高技术移民续签;

·         Tier 1 (20万)英镑商业移民;   

·         Tier 1 (100万)英镑投资移民

·         Tier 2工作签证初次申请及续签或转工签;   

·         Tier 4 学生签证续签

·         结婚签或同居签或同性伴侣签证

·          欧盟家属签证及居留卡

·          欧盟永久居留快速签证

·          5 年,10年,20 年签证申请永久居留签证,

·         入籍申请

·         各种境外签证(家庭团聚、探亲签证、结婚、未婚)






²  人权保护申请(家庭人权,人权保护,特赦申请,以及条例39人权申请

²  难民申请

²  过期居留及非法入境人士

²  警察局/入境处或移民监扣留快速保释申请

²  五年遗案方向各项服务



²  与百所知名大学院校合作,申请大学预科,本科,研究生预科,研究生课程

²  大学转学或转专业,大二,大三插读,大专生直升大学硕士课程

²  名牌私立中学(寄宿学校)申请

²  Tier 4学生签证申请

²  代办留学归国学历认证


We work closely with the Chinese Community and have a Chinese speaking adviser who you can speak to for any Immigration enquires. Call us today.


UKBA Same Day (Premium) Service

The UKBA same day service is a highly popular way of submitting a straightforward application, and offers you the opportunity and convenience of having your application considered within days rather than the lengthy postal process.

We are authorised Public Enquiry Office (PEO) legal representatives by the Home Office to submit applications on Same Day Visa Service/Premium Day Service.

Public enquiry offices accept applications for permission to extend your stay (known as 'limited leave to remain') or to settle permanently (known as 'indefinite leave to remain') in the UK.

If you instruct us for help with an application using the UKBA same day service, our legal practitioners will hold a face-to-face consultation with you to assess the merits in your case, complete the correct application form, check and enclose all relevant documents and prepare a covering letter prior to the UKBA appointment.

We will secure an appointment for you, submit your application to the UKBA in person on the appointed day, accompany you when enrolling your biometrics and arrange to pick up your passport and documents usually within 2-3 days, unless advised by the UKBA

How And When To Contact Us For Your Same Day Visa Service?

If you need an appointment for Same Day Service (Premium Service) for your application, you must instruct us for this at least three weeks before the date for which an appointment is needed. Please be advised that appointments secured by us can only be used by us and cannot be passed on to others.

If you wish us to get you an appointment for same day service from the UKBA for your application and submit your application through our same day visa service, you will need to provide us with the following information:

-Your full name (including any middle names you have)

- Gender

- Date Of Birth

- Nationality

- Current UK Address

- Mobile Number

- No of dependants (if any)

- Type of application

Unless you are an existing client of Novells Legal Practice, we will require you to pay at least £150 for us to request an appointment for you. If for any reason, we could not get the appointment for you, we will issue the full refund. If we do get an appointment for you, the sum of £150 will be counted towards our fee for the same day visa service we will provide. We will not refund the sum of £150 in case you change your mind and do not wish to go ahead with the appointment. The refund will happen only if we cannot get an appointment for you.

To instruct us concerning Same Day Service (Premium Service), please Contact Us on: 02073927672 or email us at info@novellslegals.co.uk




Our experience in immigration law means we are highly qualified to give you the best possible advice on all aspects of immigration and nationality.

We are rigorous and professional and have developed specialist expertise to achieve the best possible service. 

With many clients from minority ethnic backgrounds, we have developed a broad range of knowledge and expertise in British immigration and nationality law.

We are always offering a helping hand.